rooms, suites of rooms, buildings, or plants

                             in line. Their encompassing or total character

          intercourse with the outside and to departure

  such as locked doors, high walls, barbed
                    wire, cliffs, water, forests, or moors.

              conflicts, discreditings, and failures

                             orf assimilation. If cultural change

      the outside. Thus, if the inmate's stay

                               victory. They create and sustain

a particular kind of tension

                      dangers to it, with the welfare

              jails, penitentiaries, P.O.W.
             camps, and concentration camps

                                       some worklike task and justifying themselves

             army barracks, ships, boarding schools, work
camps, colonial compounds, and large mansions

             abbeys, monasteries, convents

             starting point. By anchoring

       them; what is distinctive

                       attributes. In speaking of

       outside world. Each grouping

                          bitter, secretive, and untrustworthy

condescending, high handed, and mean

                    superior and righteous

                                          inferior, weak, blameworthy, and guilty.

   Even talk across the boundaries
     may be conducted in a special tone of voice

                               swamped. On Ward 30

                                      unless Dr. Baker
                                     himself asked for them

                       persevering, nagging delusional group—

                                                     “worry warts,
                                                     “bird dogs,

                                       in the attendants''s slang

passage of information, especially information

  excluded from knowledge of the decisions taken regarding his fate

                            a special basis of distance from and control over inmates

               restrictions of contact presumably

                                           worlds develop, jogging alongside

                                              bounds. But to say

                                               work, then, this

                                       outside. There

                                                          it. This is

  ceremonial, payments, such

                                    required, induced not by reward

                                                           can buy; all needs

                                      staff; here

                                            tThey say.   Is it

                                                       us?    For by

                      hour; paid to work, paid

                                        sleep: always those halfpence

                                               up. Impossible, therefore,
                                                                     to dignify a job

                    it well. It must

                                    waiting, but another job

                                           self-respect. (Staff members

                         the family. Family life

                                  living, but in fact

     existence. Conversely,

                                                                culture” (to modify

of being “in” or “on the inside” does not exist apart

                                     home world. Upon entrance

               abasements, degradations,
                             humiliations, and profanations

                                    is mortified

                                            of self. In civil life

                                     taboo. Although

                                                   home. The role

                    such. It may not be

                                         up, at a

                             cycle, the time

                                      advancement, in

                                                “civil death”

                                world. The process

                                         well. We

life history, photographing, weighing, fingerprinting, assigning
numbers, searching, listing personal possessions for storage,
undressing, bathing, disinfecting, haircutting

                                nakedness. Leaving off

                                                         on, with

Cclothing, combs, needle and thread, cosmetics, towels, soap, shaving sets, bathing facilities

                               disfigurement. B, beatings,
                                                    shock therapy, or, in mental hospitals, surgery


                                                  integrity. At admission

                                                       way. Given

                              movements, postures, and stances

                                                               demeaning. Any

                                                  regulation, command, or task

                                                      that forces

                                                       pose, so he may

                                                                “sir.” Another

                                   beg, importune, or humbly ask

                                                             a daily round of life

                   his body, his immediate actions, his thoughts

                                                                                clear of contact

                                    violated; the boundary

                                              relationships. (Similarly,

                                                     hold oneself off

                         every gesture and nuance of expressionerror

                                             forms, for therse

                                                over: forcing upon

              men of his own type and badge

                          its effect, with

                                          a disruption

                                 his acrts

                                    attacks. The individual

                                              situation; he

                                society, when

                                         of self, he is

sullenness, failure to offer usual signs of deference, sotto
profaning asides, or fugitive expressions of contempt, irony

                                         derision. Compliance

                                   activity, citing

                      society, audience

                                        avowals and implicit claims

                                                      thrown up

                              well-oriented, unantagonistic

                                                       process, since

                                                          doctrine. A “permissive”

                                           situation is collapsed

                                itself, and he

                                            action. A second assault

                                    of regimentationregulation and tyrannization

                                             judged. Beyond this

                                     pace. He need not

                                                                      fit into

                            regulations and judgments

                                            by staff; the inmate's

                                                    above, especially





                              shirts on

                        pants at

                                 shoes at

                                            Aany noise, like

                    attention, hands

                                        thumbs even

                           face or head

      enforced. No

                official, visitor or, guard

        beyond sight

                                     still and hidden

smoking, shaving, going to the toilet, telephoning,
spending money, or mailing letters

                                      submissive or suppliant

   teased, denied, questioned at length, not noticed

                                                   put off

                                 able bodied yet lacking

                                           unsupplied. Even

                                     indefinitely, while

           dress, deportment, manners

                                        the press of

       enveloping tissue of constraint

                                      school, but

                                                certain rights

                                 sanction. (This arrangement,

                                                              outside, the adultaudit

                                    work, or

                                           diffuse, novel, and strictly enforced

                                                     ones, to live

           the consequence of breaking

                                              disrupt or defile

                             over his world— that he is a person

                                                          a soft bed

                                                quietness at night

                                                               “pretty please”

                             jump up for it

                                    his will. Less ceremonialized

                                                          superfluous. And instead

restrictions by renunciations, beatings, by
           self-flagellations, inquisition by confession

                                          to talk; on the inoutside

                                                such rights

                      Tthe building of a world

                                culture, and yet

                  sharing; it almost

         cigarettes, candy, and newspapers

                         animals and children

                                components, put together

                   power. This power

ridicule, vicious ribbing, moderate and sometimes severe corporal punishment

                                   “messing up.” Messing up

                                                                      escape), getting caught

fights, drunkenness, attempted suicide, failure at
examinations, gambling, insubordination, homosexuality,
improper leave-taking, and participation in collective riots

                                 cussedness, villainy, or “sickness,

                                                       a vocabulary

                                                                   “the angles,


                                                                   as by

                                                   objects, then

                                                                  decent human beings


slogan shouting, booing,tray thumping, mass food rejection

                                              mutinies; but these

          plateaus of disinvolvement

                                     broken (as they

 disciplined, moralistic, monochromatic

                            sponsor an ideal

           it cool.” This

                          cramped, arduous

                                                    engendered. The low

                                   processes, creates

                                      a story, a line, a sad tale

                   means of accounting

                             conversation and concern

            tactful, suppressing

                        misdeeds, and the refusal

                                              on, and

               wasted or destroyed or taken

“done” or “marked” or “put in” or “pulled.

                                                hard. This time


                              dead and heavy-hanging

field games, dances, orchestra orand band playing,
choral singing, lectures, art classes or woodworking classes, and card playing

                                         industrial alcohol, nutmeg, or ginger

                                  of dead sea in

                                          vivid, encapturing

                                                                              outside?”. This

                      sharp smell of fresh air


  loss or failure

                                                      circles from which