The first typescript

[Page 48]

Ashbery: “The Skaters,” first typescript, page 48

use to end Part III dele

When through soft air calling
Day distantly resounds with this a cry: Postpone the evil! underlining
The reply you feel sweating out the a dreamdele

That the fragments are {castrated,} caught up in mouths dele
And spat out like commands. And the whole thing definitely turns on itself
To return exactly to you.
That is the penance you have already done:dele
January, March, February. We are living towards a possible definition
Of {the} peaceful{lest} appetite, then you seedele
Them standing around limp and hungry like adjacent clouds.

Soon there is to be exchange of ideas and
Far more beautiful handshake, under the coat ofdele
Weather is undecided right now.
Postpone the explanation.
The election is to be held tomorrow, under the trees.

You felt the months keep coming up
And it is December again.
The quietxxxxx snow outside. Or is it June full of sundele
And the prudent benefits of sun, but still the postman comes.
[The true meaning of some of these letters is meager.]dele

Another time I thought I could see myself.
This too proved illusion, but I could deal with the way
I keep returning on myself like a plank
Like a small boat blown away from the wind.dele

It all ends in a smile somewhere.
Notes to be taken on all this,
And you can see in the dark, of which the night
Is the continuation of your ecstasy and apprehension.