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Ashbery: “The Skaters,” first typescript, page 12

II-A dele

Part II

Pyrography. Running Amok. The West Wind.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Solitude '63. The Windward and Leeward Islands. Lines Written during a Period of Insanity. Loving You? Election Day. La Glu.XXXXXXX On a Separate Dying. The Sentimental Image. TheXXX A Fork in the Road. Poor People. His Own Invention. In Which All Ends Badly. The Chase. Iris Becomes a Mother Father. In Which All Ends Badly. An Invention: the Telephone. Waking and Felt there a Certain Rightness. A Well of Fire The Flame Fighters. A Well of Fire The Avalanche. But Sort of the Sleeves.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The New Job. The Bluff


Under the window marked "General Delivery"...

{And didn't mind that being too warm like that, waking up todele
The new rules, exploited almost as soon as planted.} In this hutmentXXXXXXXdele
Hutment or abode I'll invoke "mitred domes" and suchlikedele
Awaking to this penitential psalm nowdele
That purgatory's ways have endeddele
In sleep and satisfaction for each one.dele

I have decided to write you this poem of misdemeanorsdele
This volume is geometrical beauty,
Its slabs cannot keep up with the hungering into breathdele
And final dreams

But is [?] the egg suggesting the quietness
Of its forms. And sleep is beams
For its retracted dome.

But, as we saw, sleep is all foursdele
A beautifully written but inaccurate
Directive charged with savage lisping
A personal memento engraved in the sidewalk
Tormenting the absolute future into lines of acceptance.
Ready to dispatch the elegant part of this
And all ears for the equation you remain on the sill:
Nothing to be prepared for this sleep.dele

{At once the kindness and friendly clause}dele
And mouth of sea applied to your casedele
Forever at odds with, and yet draining.dele

This should be a letter telling you of changes dele
At once the kindness and friendly clausedele
Throwing you a minute to one side
Of how this tossing looks harmonious from a distance
Like sea or the tops of trees, and how
Only when one gets closer is its sadness small and appreciable.
It can be held in the hand