The first typescript

[Page 9]

Ashbery: “The Skaters,” first typescript, page 9

But is the egg suggesting the quietnessdele
Of its forms. And sleep is beamsdele
For its {patronizing} dome.unshucked     "Oh shucks!"dele
The Waldteufel disc is volume, geometrical beautydele
Its slabs cannot keep up with the hungering into breathdele
And final dreams.dele

But XXXX                But an architecturedele
But an architecture Made like us of rain commands a viewdele
Of its plain, steered away, Parnassus viewed through a windshieldXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX harmonious like the sea or the tops of trees.dele
But when you get closer its sadness is small and appreciable.dele

Also the feeling of being lived, looking for people,dele
And the gradual peace and relaxationdele
That boils down, through rings of cold and fatiguedele
Smearing much of the day into fatigue feardele
At finding you not in, bloody from beating doors indele
And incomprehensible.dele

And mouth of sea applied to your casedele
Forever at odds with, and yet draining.dele
Triggered to a partial coneXXXX zone of understandingdele
Of the myths of fading daylightXXXXX (Six o'clock again.)dele
                        Time     The birdsdele
               one           double.dele
The sea, each time, has no rhyme.dele
It can be held in your hand.dele
All this must go into a letter:dele
At once the kindness and friendly clausedele

Beating, turbulent on the stalls of death.dele
The roofs quickly returned what you haddele
Thought of them before. Day with a violet awl,dele
OrA chisel, in that land of dust and dreams.dele

But tThere is no personal involvement: leaves of the gingko treedele
Mad a frame for the photo. A woman advances out of the thicket woodsdele
Holding a book, for which her hand is too small, and whose titledele
Although printed in large letters, cannot be distinguished.dele

That is all, except a spot of white or black in the bottom cornerdele
Like phantom poodles, and a jagged row of gray at the top,             violetdele
Melting Extending a little down one side,;and she is slightly turned inside her dress.dele
As watching at somethingdele
The color of death promulgated to the rank of blossomsdele

Is drawing breath again for feardele
And its implements, and would enter the transparent years of lifedele
Which is carelessness, isdele
Mind drifted from its triple cannon, to the starting line.dele