The first typescript

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Ashbery: “The Skaters,” first typescript, page 8

7 dele


But the year XXXXX livery of the year, {the} changing airdele
Brings each to his turn end. Leaving phrases unfinisheddele
Gestures half-sketched against woodsmoke. The abundant sap
Oozes in girls' throats, the sticky words, half-uttered, unwished for,
A blanket disbelief, quickly supplanted by idle questions that fade in turn.dele
   # ?
Slowly the mood turns to look at itself as some urchin
Forgotten by a road-bed. the roadside. New schemes are gotten up, new taxes,dele
Earthworks. And the hour becomes light again.
Girls wake up in it.
                      For these reasonsdele
For these reasons It is best to remain indoors. B, because there is errordele
In so much precision. As flames are fanned, wishful thinking arises
Bearing its own prophets, its pointed refusals ignoring. And just as a desiredele
Settles down at the end of a long spring day, over heather and watered shoot and dried rush field
So {fatal} error is plaited into thoughtXXXXXXX desires not yet born.dele
Therefore the post must be resumed (is being falsified
To be forever involved, tragically, with one's own image?)
The cooler studio light suddenly invaded by theXXX a long casement--values were the onedele
She knows now. But the floor is pulled a part byXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX being gradually pulled apartdele
Like elastic under those limpid feet.                   slowlydele

{ The most you can say is that she does return.}dele
{ And that the added time for thoughtsXXXXXXXX long thoughts,"a bed of nails," could not, in any case, have been avoided.}dele
{ The skaters waltz. She had been asked not to participate that day}dele