The first typescript

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Ashbery: “The Skaters,” first typescript, page 2


And all who come may understand, and go away
Before night reaches the this shore.dele

"The person," Abe, is lonelydele
As that Weenix "Head of a Man," or an old and discolored umbrella.
Near the postoffice calender with its amazing digits cool companydele
The colored perfume of "sense" appropriations makes a kind of shroud
Of mere slips and postscripts of meaning--here is the central orifice
Of all the gigantic vocabulary of meaning, like a garden with a central spot or flower.dele
A granite terrace extends out into so much that is fresh and green
As though buoyed up by the negation of its own dishonoring weight.
Here skulks and ethereal man. The children used to crowd around with toys and goodies,dele
He... always had a kind word or some little thing for them.dele
He used to offer them presents of candy or lollipops...dele

In suppressing the iron links that chain you to the grim desire of realitydele
Be careful not to substitute gold ones,dele
The execrable charity of platinum cufflinks that viewsdele
Darkness and disaster surrounding us,
Mass piZZZZZZZ Masts pitched on the slow and denominating tide of ice,dele
The perpetual calendar of rubies, emeralds and sapphires
And other precious stones, gleaning the heart of runnels of
The milk of human kindness, down to my last unspent dollar,
Gladness of waking, sportive humor after the that terrible strangenessdele
Of being asleep, yet the leather film that still confidesXXXXXXXX confines usdele
Asks in vain theXXX of the pear-shaped head of the a governor striding into the roomdele
Black as pitch after an uneasy night applying seals to the brown scroll
Of debtor's prison, jail and panic
Under the uneasy awnings of a careless life.         heliocopterdele
Not everything is picknicking on the campus,
Harlotry and perfections, toddling over green fields         flakesdele
Breathless with ectoplasm, from the long run, by heliocopterdele
Shirttails hanging out nurtured by coalfields
Who have taught you to exist in the Pyreness of confusion           pyresdele
That is your youth's living image and damnation.

Abe lifted the bottle slightly closer to his knee.dele
The barman (disquieting personage) raised the bottom of a tumblerdele
(Snow, flirt and piano) to the level of someonedele
Imbibing various personal flares. A jackdaw of           Absorbingdele
Undrifting dark, dust rose of the center of gray
Bottles: wheedled cabs broached the theater'sdele
Indigo and marble resonances. A guy got out.dele
"Where we are that factor encrusts dental snow XXXXX workdele
On the umbilical low summits of average pleasure.dele
A guy's mother is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX lug's mother is his true measure, anddele
No mother could love an ugly boob like that," and, like a tailordele
Removing the tape measure, "Bats flot around town; sSome,dele
Not all, will roost; the others fry stupefactiondele
For wise guys' wry brains. {The commuter trainsdele
Pull slowly away from the planet. Time is a smudge,dele
Reckoned by district attorney's impute.dele
Square box of decay mixing grain and grapedele
To fraulein's necklace, short-circuited systems of abuse."dele