Unpublished poems and fragments from the first typescript:

For the Left Hand


One typescript page, letter format; dated “Jan. 5. 1962.” Verso: an address.

Three correction campaigns: (1) black ink, (2) blue ball-point pen and (3) lead pencil.

Several lines were subsequently incorporated into “The Skaters.”

Ashbery: “The Skaters,” first typescript, “For the Left Hand”

Page 1, recto

Ashbery: “The Skaters,” first typescript, “For the Left Hand”

Page 1, verso

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For                  dele
Written with the Left Handdele

Dropped in the snow, it had come apart
But was still shiny and new. A new camera.
The glass of nourishing whiskey fallen beside it,
Only a little spilled., Ggray on the snow.dele
The green chair             some dele
Offered no repose, only a little discontinuitydele
In space, the mother of distance.
Only a note on the floor. The package of ^time, [ ^thing?dele
But only a sobbing--certain note--
Breathes, in the transparent but deafening flood. Okdele

The parcels pin you to the door,
Liking to know how to get out of here, how to breathe.dele
In another sense it is quiet and beautiful.
Heads in hands, waterfall of simplicity--
Your quaint grave, the highway strewn with tacks. ^[ cascadingdele

It is the property to be lifted again
Into the same place. The perishing
Thin ends are alive with rebuttal,    fringedele
In itself a clever context, and cold end. leave in "and"dele
To be gotten out of the shadow, a hole
To refuse the square hive
Out of autonomy , clearing From   ?      dele
The drum. The passage is ice.dele
The steps nothing more than wood splinters.        [wind and    ?      dele
Loud device to inject
The confusion of stillness, ^ ^dominate air-fact.^to?      ^extradite?dele

                                        John Ashbery
                                        Jan. 5. 1962


34 bis rue de Longchamp
34 bis rue de Longchamp