Unpublished poems and fragments from the first typescript:

The Chalet


Two typescript pages (red ribbon), letter format. Undated.

One correction campaign (blue ball-point pen).

Ashbery: “The Skaters,” first typescript, “The Chalet”

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Ashbery: “The Skaters,” first typescript, “The Chalet”

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The Chalet

It must have been the pure arrangement
To breathe on the indescribable
On the left of hydrangeas.
She placed a leaf beside the dawn.

The timid path leading up to the stabledele
(That bitch... in the dawn)
And happily you remove white bands.
The face is still all there,dele

And turn to the mahoghany calendar
In which an ember is fixed.
It must have been you big genseng palace
From where rotten breakers rise

Staying out of this port.dele
You carried a leaf on at your headdele
To place beside dim bells and smoke
That day in 1934dele

The explanations
In the severe heart of drowned
Where a scrubwoman slept. Diamonddele
Marching over the trees

To see if not some relief
Brought into the football town
The first parishioners walkingdele
Dawn over the business platformdele

She placed beside the electric bell
A cranberry-colored leaf.
Because of the season.dele
That day did not went away.

*   *   *

Behind blue bottles in the hospital behind the factory I too often
laugh, think, or smile, take up pencil to write on tennis ball the dele
purest that you despising erupt into my solitude--the portion of me
which is always breaking.

      The perfumed zither clanged      a door opened    a fox
chased down the street   What is that up on the mountain     They
say the whole town is burning


   So in spring with my softball on vast plain with the drip drip dripdele
   The door opened white fire and hand with the melting black letters I
did not get the job